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tv   [untitled]    February 18, 2014 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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>> thank you very much. we have reconvened regular session at 3:20. madam secretary please call the next item. >> the next matter of business is item 11, madam chair, adjournment. >> thank you very much. we are adjourned at 3:21. [gavel]
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[adjourned] >> hello san francisco this is the places to be and this week is no xefk exception without
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further ado, here's not great weekly buzz. this monday february 17th take a tour of the digital garage referring in union square the morale will grace the stairwell of the city club normally closed to the public it will be the first change to say the morale by digital garage river free of charge then on tuesday join the key club and attend their molls meeting bring chose or karaokes and join in the fun. and on sunday heads to the treasure island at treasure island this year the open market flee market from sdierpdz to bakers and more plus they'll have outside exhibited and the
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scarf did care hunts and get the fantastic verifies the san francisco. and that's the weekly weekly buzz notify at at the and
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>> i love teaching. it is such an exhilarating experience when people began to feel their own creativity. >> this really is a place where all people can come and take a class and fill part of the community. this is very enriching as an artist. a lot of folks take these classes and take their digital imagery and turn it into negatives. >> there are not many black and white darkrooms available anymore. that is a really big draw. >> this is a signature piece. this is the bill largest darkroom in the u.s.. >> there are a lot of people that want to get into that dark room. >> i think it is the heart of this place.
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you feel it when you come in. >> the people who just started taking pictures, so this is really an intersection for many generations of photographers and this is a great place to learn because if you need people from different areas and also everyone who works here is working in photography. >> we get to build the community
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here. this is different. first of all, this is a great location. it is in a less-populated area. >> of lot of people come here just so that they can participate in this program. it is a great opportunity for people who have a little bit of photographic experience. the people have a lot, they can really come together and share a love and a passion. >> we offer everything from traditional black and white darkrooms to learning how to process your first roll of film. we offer classes and workshops in digital camera, digital printing. we offer classes basically in the shooting, ton the town at
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night, treasure island. there is a way for the programs exploring everyone who would like to spend the day on this program. >> hello, my name is jennifer. >> my name is simone. we are going on a field trip to take pictures up the hill. >> c'mon, c'mon, c'mon. >> actually, i have been here a lot. i have never looked closely enough to see everything. now, i get to take pictures. >> we want to try to get them to be more creative with it. we let them to be free with


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